Resetting #HP iLO using hponcfg on ESXi

Some days ago a HP SUM firmware upgrade of our HP BladeSystem enclosures and bladeservers caused a problem inside the iLO user database. The enclosure lost it’s SSO session with the blades, making it impossible to login to the iLO.

Ofcourse, every blade you buy is supplied with a plastic card showing the iLO Administrator password. But as you might know, logging into the iLO from the Onboard Administrator doesn’t require you to fill in any credentials, which makes it faster. Saving the iLO Administrator password is something you will only do once you need it =)

Being in this situation, HP advised to visit the datacenter and re-seat every blade showing this issue. Instead of this, the tool ‘hponcfg’ can help out.

This tool is available in every HP ESXi ISO in the /opt/hp/tools location.

Use the following instructions to reset your iLO:

  1. Enable SSH access to your host and log in using PuTTY
  2. Perform the command ‘cd /opt/hp/tools’
  3. Perform the command ‘./hponcfg -r’
  4. Follow the on-screen status to see if your iLO is reset

After performing the reset, you should be able to login again using your Onboard Administrator. I would suggest changing the iLO Administrator password and save it in your password database, to prevent situations like these 🙂

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