Upgrading #VMware vSphere step-by-step to 5.5

Hey everyone,

Last weekend VMware announced that vSphere 5.5 was available for download and I guess everyone hurried themselves to the download section of the VMware website including me! 🙂

I didn’t have time to actually use the binaries until last tuesday and thought of myself it would be cool to add something extra to my blog; video recordings! So, here it is, my first video recording during my upgrade from vSphere 5.1 to 5.5.

Since I never edit any videos some parts of the video might sound a little bit.. Perky =) I had to replace some audio at some places and that didn’t work out well in all cases. You Amateur!

Blurring some of the server names and licenses I used cost me some time as well but, I guess it’s ready for the world. As I will mention in the video, please give me feedback (any, really!) in the comment box of this post. It will help me a lot to decide whether I should make another video and if so, what I should change =)

Regarding the vSphere upgrade itself; all went well except for the SSO installation issue (Error 1603, fails right after trying to import data from the Lookup Service). This issue is also described by VMware in a KB article here: Upgrade from vSphere 5.1 to vSphere 5.5 rolls back after importing Lookup Service data

Besides this issue, I ran into a problem where I could not login with my AD account, which has vSphere admin permissions. As of SSO 5.5, the local AD domain is added as ‘integrated AD identity source’. This didn’t work well in my case, so I removed this source and manually added my AD domain identity source configuration. After this, everything worked like a charm!

Thanks for reading (and viewing my video!). Very very curious about your reactions 🙂
Tatatata, here it is! (Oh, after this post was finished submitting I see the quality of the video is rather bad. Enough to see what’s happening but totally not the quality you would expect these days. Will fix it with the next video! ;-))

This video doesn’t exist

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