#VMware vSphere 5.1 Host Profile Compliance Error with #HP Blades

Hi there!

I have spent time solving an issue with host profiles on several environments running on vSphere 5.1 and HP BL460c G6 blades, to be specific. These blades have two local SAS drives in a RAID-1 configuration. This logical drive is used for installing ESXi and provides in a VMFS datastore.

The issue I had was not getting compliant hosts due to a local device which had to be reset:

Host state doesn’t match specification: device needs to be reset

This error did not show on the reference host and had to do with the local disk ID being different on each host. How to solve this? Well I found the following VMware KB article exactly describing my issue and the possible solution:

Applying a host profile causes compliance failure in VMware ESXi 5.x

Sadly, this did not solve my issue. I solved this by disabling the storage configuration on a higher level.

Host Profile Compliance Error

After applying this configuration everything turned green! The items I disabled did not affect our iSCSI storage configuration, which was my only concern.

Hopefully this post will help some people solve their host compliance issues without spending too much time. Thanks for reading!

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