VMware NOW: VSAN General Availability

VMware announced a VMware NOW online event on the 6th of March about the general availability of VMware VSAN. Be sure to register and hear about VSAN GA features and hopefully the release date!

The last 2 months have been very busy for me with the different projects going on. As a result, I haven’t been able to keep up with news going on in infrastructure and virtualization world =)

Aiming to provide a consistent flow of news with this blog, I will ‘backpost’ about new software releases and highlights that ‘we’ (the reader of my blog and myself) have missed.

After an ‘overwhelming customer interest’ during the beta period as written by VMware on their
blog, the time has hopefully come that VMware will announce GA for VMware VSAN.

One of my former colleagues, Marcel van den Berg, shared some information from the VMware Partner Exchange 2014 and wrote that VSAN will expectedly be available in March 2014. Read his blogpost here.

As written by Marcel, on the 6th of March VMware NOW will hopefully announce the exact date for the GA of VSAN and maybe even announce instant availability =)

I have been running the VSAN beta for about 3 months now on my homelab and have had no issues whatsoever. The performance is fine already, but if you would deploy it on a ‘normal’ environment compared to what I’ve built (link), my guess is that it will run GREAT.

I’ll try to keep my readers up-to-date on my blog, but if you can’t wait to get more information, be sure to check out the VMware blogs using the VSAN tag (included in the VMware blogs link).

Thanks for reading!

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