vSphere-land vBlog 2014: Pick your favorite blogs!

Yesterday vSphere-land kicked off the vBlog 2014 yearly pick of the best blogs about virtualization and VMware in specific. It’s now possible for everyone to start voting for their favorite blogsites and give those bloggers credit for their work.

Currently there are over 300 blogs on the list and participate in the contest (if you can even call it a contest). Voting ends on the 16th of March 2014, so be sure to send in your favorites before that date.

The blog you’re currently on is also in the big list ‘o blogs, so while you’re at it, please decide whether you like the content on my blog and helps you with your daily operation. Would be great to know how the community likes my blog because comments and feedback is minimal so voting would be a great way for me to see appreciation!

Have fun voting and be sure to vote for the blogs that have great content, instead of picking the known names like vSphere-land suggests. Click HERE to go to the voting section.

Thanks for reading and any votes! =)

One thought on “vSphere-land vBlog 2014: Pick your favorite blogs!

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