VMware vExpert 2014 Announcement

This morning I noticed a tweet saying that the vExpert 2014 announcement was available online. I didn’t see any e-mail message from VMware regarding this subject, so I assumpted that the title wasn’t awarded to me. Darn!

Before continueing my story, a little more about the vExpert program:

vExpert is an award/title given by VMware to IT professionals that contribute to the VMware community by sharing information with colleagues, customers, partners using blogs, presentations and other forms of communication.

From the VMware website:
A vExpert, in the simplest of terms, is an active member of the VMware community who imparts his/her advanced knowledge on others. VMware is exceptional at developing community; it’s really the industry standard in this regard. The vExpert program is a way of recognizing people who participate in the community and increase awareness of VMware products and uses. It’s quite genius really; it encourages people to market VMware and grow its ecosystems.

Continueing my story, clicking on the link and arriving on the vExpert list, I searched for my name and.. DING! That’s awesome! So, I’m very happy to say I’m a vExpert for 2014 =)

I want to congratulate all new and returning vExperts this year and encourage everyone to help improve the community by sharing knowledge!

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