VMware and HP Software-Defined Enterprise Roadshow

Today the enterprise roadshow by VMware and HP was held at Park Plaza Airport in Lijnden, the Netherlands. This post sums up the highlights of this day.

First of all, if you’re not able to attend VMworld or PEX (Partner Exchange) and still want to stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and news around VMware and HP, you should attend the enterprise roadshow!

The kick-off was comparable to the one given at VMworld San Francisco and was all about software-defined storage and networking. Decoupling software from the hardware like VMware has been doing for quite a while with, as we know it, server virtualization.

Next the technical sessions were up. The ones I picked:

  • VMware Software Defined Networking
  • HP Software Defined Networking
  • VMware Cloud & Management
  • HP Management

For each session I’ll summarize the content.

VMware Software Defined Networking
One word: NSX! Well, let’s explain further in case you missed NSX =)
NSX is the VMware product for network virtualization and was originally developed by Nicira, which was acquired by VMware in 2012.

Using this technology, you are able to virtualize your network components (duh) and create containers of applications which include your firewalls, VPN access, load balancers and other generic network services. So, your applications will have access to their own network components, instead of shared components for multiple applications. Of course you still need physical switches to connect the virtual world to the physical world, but the network infrastructure will change drastically. I’m very enthusiastic about NSX and can’t wait to test it out in my lab to finally implement it into production.

To get more information about NSX see the website of VMware.

This (amazingly good) session was presented by Geordy Korte, Network & Security engineer at VMware

HP Software Defined Networking
More about NSX and the integration with HP hardware. The most important thing here is that HP facilitates in aligning the ‘underlay’ and the ‘overlay’. E.g. keeping the virtual and physical world in-line and automation the communication possibilities between your physical machines and the virtual machines, which will be using VXLAN.

VMware Cloud & Management
The friendly VMware employee from Belgium, Alain Geenrits, presented this session and told more about vCenter Operations Management, the monitoring suite by VMware that enables you to actively monitor your VMware environment, act on medium- and long term issues, perform capacity management and to increase the efficiency of your virtual datacenter.

More info about vCenter Operations Management Suite can be found here.

Next, vCloud Automation Center was treated: the self-service cloud provisioning tool, which enables you to transform your existing virtual infrastructure to a private- or public cloud, and can be extended to a cloud service provider like Amazon, Azure and VMware Cloud Hybrid Service. More information can be found here.

HP Management
The last session of today is about HP OneView, a tool which integrates with vSphere and your HP ProLiant systems (DL, ML and blades). With this tool you can easily provision your HP servers using templates which also includes storage and network configuration. The tool also provides in configuration management by including firmware information in your templates (server profiles). This way you can easily upgrade your whole environment with HP SUM (Smart Update Manager) using a simple web based interface, which can also be used to view compliance between your systems and the baseline in your server profile(s).

More info about HP OneView can be found here.

This sums up this day, which was entertaining but less informative then I hoped. Still, I would recommend this roadshow to anyone that wants to stay up to date or know more about establishing a robust cloud infrastructure using VMware and HP components. Now I’m ready for the networking drink =)

Thanks for reading!

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