VMware Course: VMware vCloud Automation Center: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.0]

This week I attended the VMware vCloud Automation Center 6.0 course in Bracknell, UK and would like to share my experiences with you to help decide whether this course would be beneficial for you and how you should prepare.

The course I had is one of the first ones given without the ‘beta’ tag and was still as fresh as it can be. I didn’t do any preparation but did play around with the vCAC appliance and Identity appliance by deploying and configuring it in a test environment. There is no real prerequisite to attend the course (VCP5 or equivalent knowledge) but I really would advice the VCP5-DV course and optional certification, just to make sure you have all basic knowledge you need to perform the labs.

The first day is all about deploying the appliances and making you familiar with the lab environment (Active Directory, domain names, login names, product portals, etc).

The next days will provide you with knowledge and experience with setting up tenants, providing physical resources in the form of compute, storage and networking (fabrics), building blueprints including advanced properties, build profiles, approval policies, lifecycle management and cost analysis to summarize.

The following products will be used during the course:

  • IT Business Management Suite
  • vSphere
  • vCenter Orchestrator
  • vCloud Automation Center (duh)
  • vCloud Automation Center Designer
  • vCloud Application Director

I must say that the lecture and labs really give you a solid base for deploying and configuring the vCloud Suite components.

Some topics like creating workflows in vCO and integrating them into vCAC, and the whole role-based model in vCAC which have like 10 different roles that you need to manage the full potential was tough to get through, at least for me.

If you are planning to implement vCAC and additional components in the vCloud Suite, this course is definitely something to look into!

More information about the course can be found using this URL.

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