VMworld 2014 US: Confirmed!

The best event of the year is approaching again! If it didn’t cross your mind yet: VMworld 2014 is around the corner already and you should hurry up because the early bird discount will only last until the 10th of June.

My registration has been confirmed a while ago, but didn’t find the time to blog about it yet, so to make up for this: W00t w00t! US here I come! Flight, hotel and conference pass have been arranged and this year I’m having the joy of having 4 extra colleagues with me to check out the coolest sessions, interesting gurus and the EPIC parties of the vendors! Special thanks to my employer for allowing me to be part of this event again!

If you see any chance of going to VMworld EMEA or US, you should definitely go! If you will participate the US event, be sure to drop me a message to have a chat, it’s always great to meet new people and expand your network =)

The VMworld content catalog will be available on the 16th of June for both EMEA and US.
On the 14th of July, the schedule builder for US will be online, for EMEA that will be on the 15th of August.

For more information check out vmworld.com.

Call for Papers
Today was also the day that people that submitted sessions using the Call for Papers program received their confirmation (or not). Sadly the two sessions I submitted together with a colleague were not accepted, but with the amount of sessions that were submitted I kinda figured that out already =). To those who got their session(s) accepted: CONGRATS!

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