VMworld 2014: No Limits

As the ticker on my blog indicates, in less then 4 weeks VMworld will be the center of attention in San Francisco! Whether you are new to VMworld or have been here before, there are always new things to discover, new people to meet and of course an amazing experience to be there!

VMworld is an event by VMware and gives you direct insight in the company direction, new solutions and improvements and how these (and third party vendors) can integrate with your current or new IT infrastructures. If you never experienced this event, you should! It’s amazing, and it has become part of my IT career as I always want to stay on top of developments that I can use at customers and experiment with in my homelab to gain experience.

This year there are 531 sessions available to choose from that are categorized in business solutions, technical and advanced technical. As there are only 4 full days where you are able to join sessions, you have to be really picky as you can’t see everything (you can as the sessions are recorded and put online after VMworld Europe).

If you want to know more about VMworld before continuing reading my blog post, click here to access the VMworld website. Registration is possible using this link.

My first VMworld was in 2012 (Barcelona), where I had an amazing time with my colleagues. At that time, I haven’t been to such an event yet and was shocked with the amount of people and the overflow of information about all the new products and third party vendors showing their hardware- and software solutions.

Last year, 2013, I was very lucky being able to travel to San Francisco and experiencing my second VMworld event. Being shocked with the amount of visitors in 2012, I was flabbergasted seeing all visitors during the general session, wow! Also, all rooms were a lot bigger and in my opinion the quality of the sessions was better compared to Barcelona as well. I met a lot of ‘famous’ VMware technology adopters which I still talk to quite often and really adds more fun to your work if you’re able to ask some quick questions instead of calling VMware support =)

This year; VMworld 2014! Before I continue, I must apologize for my blog frequency lately. After earning my VCAP5-DCA certification, I got busy preparing for VCAP5-DCD and got involved in a very interesting (but time consuming) cloud project using almost all VMware vCloud products. Very instructive! But again; time consuming and that has some effect on my spare time that I usually spend on blogging.

I am very happy receiving a VMworld Blogger Pass from VMware! A very very BIG thank you to VMware for this! This pass is given to a select few vExperts that can enjoy VMworld for free (ofcourse flights and stay is not included) and benefit from extra’s like front seats at the general session, special blogger areas and more (first time for me having a blogger pass, so I will let you all know what benefits I experienced).

My schedule for this year contains 23 sessions so I’ll have a busy week, but more the blog about! The sessions I picked this year are about the following products: vSphere, vCAC, NSX, VSAN and SRM. Besides these products I’ll also join what’s new- best practice and architecture sessions.

I’m very excited for VMworld 2014 and looking forward seeing all people I met in previous years during VMworld and outside VMworld. Let’s continue making the VMworld event more fun each year together! See you there =)

Thanks for reading.

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