VMworld 2014: Arrival, Road-rage and Excitement

After a long day of waiting, traveling, walking, eating and with VMworld 2014 around the corner, I’ve finally made it to my hotel bed getting ready for some sleep. But before I do, I would like to briefly share my travel and course of the day.

Yesterday (or is it today, doh! Stupid time difference) I caught the KL605 KLM flight with my colleagues Martijn Cosijnse, Jeroen Jonckers, Robert van den Nieuwendijk and Stefan Wiersma.

So if you see me writing about ‘we’ or ‘us’ in my VMworld 2014 posts, I will probably be talking about them and myself. Before we took off we went for a quick breakfast at the airport.

2014-08-23 08.52.36

The flight was fine! A direct one from Amsterdam to San Francisco, so no stops at London Heathrow which really save you a lot of time. The total flight including delay took about 11,5 hours. It is a long time I must admit, but with the onboard entertainment system time could be reduced significantly as there are a lot of new movies in there like Transcendence (didn’t like it that much by the way) and Spiderman 2.

The system also contained quiet a number of nowadays music artists in different genres. Pretty cool! Oh and complementary beer always tastes the best =)

Once arrived, I was afraid that the queue at border control was as long as last year (hundreds of people in line before you). But this time we were able to walk straight through to the baggage claim area.

Our Chrysler minivan was already waiting for us and I drove it to the Gillmore Premium Outlet where we stayed during the afternoon and early evening. We had a really nice meal at Denny’s and decided we should go back to the hotel to get some rest. Really cool to drive on US roads, long and big! =).

After returning the car we took a cab to the hotel and were presented with our room keycards. We’re staying at The Scarlet Huntington by the way, friendly reception and comfy rooms.

To be honest I did make a complain that my room was on the street side and a lot of noise was coming from it. I got a free upgrade to a bigger room on the quiet side of the hotel. Thanks for the good service!

And to complete my post, I will be running tomorrow morning during the VMworld 5K Fun Run/Walk with other VMware customers, partners and employees! And as it is 1:40 AM at night and I have to get up in 4,5 hours, I better get some sleep before I have to be pushed along the course in a wheelchair =)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for updates around VMworld 2014! I will be posting information about the event itself, happenings but also about sessions and their content. If you can’t be at VMworld be sure to check out my blog as it will contain a lot of information for your that can help you gather news and developments.

For more information about VMworld see their website at vmworld.com.

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