VMworld 2014: 5K Fun Run/Walk and badge pickup

This morning I had to get out of bed early for the 5K Fun Run/Walk after about 3 hours of sleep as we arrived in the hotel rather late and I was awake because of the earthquake that hit San Francisco. Everything was shaking and I honestly thought my neighbours were having a good time together, but mother nature was the cause of the noise!

Even though I didn’t had much sleep, I was looking forward to the fun run and my colleagues Jeroen and Martijn joined me. We took the bus from Moscone West and headed to a place nearby the Golden Gate Bridge. I took some photos along the way and during the run which you can see below.

The run had about 500 participants from what I heard and therefor a lot of busses were ready’d up at Moscone West to bring us to the run course that was set up. The course was said to be about 5 kilometers, but it was a little bit less (4,5 kilometers if I’m right). Quiet tough if you haven’t trained for it! But with so many people you will have enough motivation to keep running.

The busses brought us back to Moscone and we wanted to go and pick up our badges. But after seeing the long waiting line, we decided to go back to the hotel first to fresh up and return later. We were happy to see that the line was almost gone and got our badges. Another great thanks to VMware for my blogger pass!

In a little less than an hour the Partner Exchange will open up and all visitors will be able to see the exhibitionists and talk to small and large VMware partners about their solutions and how they can help VMware customers with their IT challenges. Be sure to check all companies out and score some goodies of course =)

For more information about VMworld see their website at vmworld.com.

Thanks for reading!

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