It’s time for the new Top vBlog voting!

Like every year, has organised a voting contest for all hard working bloggers trying to promote his or her blog about virtualization technologies. This article describes the contest, and where you can start voting.

Top vBlog 2015


The Top vBlog 2015 contest is all about blogs that share information about virtualization related technologies. The contest is there to measure the quality of each blog, asking visitors of these blogs to rate the blogs they like from various perspectives.

As stated on the voting welcome page, it’s almost impossible to view the list of blogs on a smartphone due to the large number of blogs (over 400, wow!). You’re advised to use a tablet or PC instead.

The following considerations should guide you in voting and ranking specific blogs:

  •   Frequency (how often they post)
  •   Quality (how well the posts are)
  •   Length (how long the posts are)
  •   Longevity (how long they have been blogging for)

For each category, you’re able to pick a blog and rank them in order, where #1 will get 10 points for that category and #10 will get 1 point in that category.

All points will be added up and blogs with the highest scores will obviously appear in the highest ranks.


To start voting, visit the survey page using this URL. Select the 10 blogs YOU like (maybe even the blog you’re visiting right now; SnowVM) and continue with the wizard.

Next up, you should rank the blogs in order, where #1 is the best one in your opinion and #10 would be the “least best”.

Now it’s time to pick the best blogs in the following categories:

  • Storage
  • Scripting
  • VDI
  • New Blogger
  • Independant Blogger
  • News/Information Website
  • Podcast

After you’re done selecting blogs, enter your name and e-mail address (preventing double votes) and click finish; you’re done!

If you voted for my blog: Thanks! I will be looking forward to the results of this year.


To stay up-to-date with the voting contest, be sure to visit the vSphere-Land website.

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