VMware vCenter Server Appliance /storage/log full

After experiencing stability and performance issues on a vCenter Server Appliance at one of the customer environments, I went on and did some analysis. It appeared that the /storage/log directory was full.

This post describes how to verify if you are (at risk of) running into the same issue, how to solve it and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

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How to deploy a vSphere 6 U1 lab in Fusion

While new versions of vSphere are being released and deployment methods have been changed, it’s currently not so straight forward to deploy a vSphere lab inside Fusion and Workstation. This due to the fact that there is no OVF-based vCenter Server Appliance install available anymore (as of vSphere 6) and there is some manual fiddling required to make this work. This article will describe the steps you need to take for deployment.

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