Cloud-Based Backups Using Veeam Cloud Connect

A backup is a term that probably found its existence at the same moment computers got around.

The technologies around backups have evolved many times. Features such as deduplication, compression and automated backup verifications are becoming part of the standard feature set in backup software.

One of the latest trends I’ve seen, is using cloud-based storage, which will be my focus in this article.

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Upgrading a #HP StoreVirtual SAN environment

One of my readers asked me if I could write down the steps required to upgrade an HP StoreVirtual (P4500) SAN environment (Thanks Hal!). Instead of updating the original post, I am publishing this post to make it easier to find for other people. This is a general instruction for version 9.5 and higher.

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VMware #VSAN Beta available for download!

Today VMware announced that the VSAN Beta is available for download.

Get your copy at the following URL:

Check out my other posts to see what VSAN does. Basically it transforms your local storage to a replicated form of storage, delivering low latency and high performance next to high availability.

For more information check out the VSAN Beta Program Community: