How to Upgrade Your Entire HPE SimpliVity Environment including VMware vSphere, Firmware and Third-Party Software

This article is about upgrading your HPE SimpliVity environment, including all of the components that come with this upgrade: VMware vSphere, firmware and your third-party software.

I will describe the global steps, time estimation, do’s and don’ts and tips from my side as I have a lot of experience performing these kind of upgrades.

The information in this article is based on HPE SimpliVity 4.0.0.

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Upgrading vCloud Networking & Security to NSX including vCloud Director

This morning I gave an internal presentation to my colleagues about upgrading vCloud Networking & Security (vCNS) to NSX including vCloud Director (vCD), as there’s still quite some customers that need to follow up on this. In this article, you can find my remarks and key takeaways that might assist you in performing the upgrade without any hassle.

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Manually upgrading your HP StoreVirtual environment

Automation is a great thing and can save you a lot of time if used correctly. Some times a manual approach is preferred tho, and that’s probably the reason why you are viewing this article. The instruction described in this article will enable you to upgrade your HP StoreVirtual nodes one-by-one instead of by Management Group.

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Upgrading a #HP StoreVirtual SAN environment

One of my readers asked me if I could write down the steps required to upgrade an HP StoreVirtual (P4500) SAN environment (Thanks Hal!). Instead of updating the original post, I am publishing this post to make it easier to find for other people. This is a general instruction for version 9.5 and higher.

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