VMworld 2013: Arrival and registration

My first post from San Francisco and I have some catching up to do. Since I haven’t been doing nothing once the plane touched down in Frisco. So let’s get my story going!

After a long day I have finally arrived in ‘Frisco’ yesterday around 5PM, while at home the clock was already pointing at 2AM. What do you mean, back to the past?

I have to mention the flight by British Airways which was a pleasure to experience. An entertainment system with new movies (watched Iron Man 3!), free drinks and 3 meals to make our travel as comfy as possible. Seen the fact that our flight endured 10 hours and 30 minutes 🙂



To celebrate our arrival, my colleague and me grabbed a burger at the local diner and enjoyed some local beers before leaving to the hotel and catch a good night sleep. At least, if the beds were a little bit more comfy:

This morning we had breakfast at 8AM and went for the Moscone centre to pick up our badges and backpack. I made some photos of the Partner Exchange which was still being built up but already looked very awesome. Oh, and I shook hands with Alan Renouf, the PowerCLI Guru and creator of the vCheck script.

A little bit off-topic, but like the second picture of this post suggested, we visited Alcatraz this afternoon. A cool experience and people who haven’t been there should really check it out. The  audio tour was even available in Dutch!


While on the boat and island (or like they say here; the rock) I made some cool pictures I want to share with you.

One last thing, check out the URL below to find the blog of my colleague Eelco de Boer.
Thanks for reading!

VMworld 2013: Countdown!

Tomorrow my trip to San Francisco will start together with a colleague and I can’t wait to get there!

Got to have some patience tho, starting with a flight in Amsterdam to London in the morning and having a 2 hour break before taking off to San Francisco (which is a 12 hour flight). My first experience in a plane for longer then 4 hours.. Hmpf =D

Arriving in SFO we will be heading to Union Square, drop off our bagage and hopefully having some nice (American!) dinner. If we still have some energy I want to go and check out the surroundings for a bit.

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Sunday the fun starts with a trip to Alcatraz and picking up our VMworld badge/bag and other coolness. On monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday I will report exclusively about my experiences at the VMworld convention. Stay tuned for news around VMware products and solutions!

Of course there are also some parties along the week. If the photos and stories are not rated M for Mature, I will post them on my blog for my faithful readers.

Signing out and will be back soon with fresh news. Thanks for reading =)

VMworld 2013: Content Catalog online

For those who didn’t noticed yet; the Content Catalog for VMworld 2013 is available online. Be sure to preview the available sessions (which are still subject to changes) and get ready for the Schedule Builder.

Check out the Content Catalog using the following URL:

The Schedule Builder for US will be online on the 25th of July and for Europe on the 15th of August.

VMworld 2013: San Francisco Ahoy!

Hey everyone,

I’m one of the lucky attendees of VMworld in San Francisco this year!
This will be my second visit to VMworld and I can’t wait to see what sessions will be given.

Given the fact I have been working with vCloud Director a lot lately without any training or literature knowledge, this will be a nice opportunity to get more experienced with the product and add-ons.

Every day after arriving in San Francisco I will publish a new blog posting to share my thoughts and experiences with the sessions, hands-on labs, discussions and of course.. The parties =)

Can’t wait till’ August!